Portamento pendulo molto ricadente, di medio sviluppo. Acer Palmatum Dissectum Inaba Shidare looks good in a yard, patio or the border of a pond for a really beautiful effect. You can buy Inaba shidare red laceleaf Japanese maple online mail-order. Its growth is upright but mound-forming, the branches cascading from the crown and creating a highly appealing and attractive aesthetic that make this an exceptionally popular variety. Common Name: Inaba shidare Japanese Maple Among the best of the weeping red lace-leaf maples for its leaf color retention in summer, its scorch resistance, vigor and hardiness. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Hauteur adulte : … Facile e sicuro in 48h a casa tua! Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Inaba Shidare' Japanese Maple, Fine Leaved Maple Description A beautiful dense, rounded Maple with pendulous branches. L'érable japonais Inaba Shidare, Acer palmatum Inaba Shidare, possède des feuilles laciniées brun pourpre au débourrement puis violacé en été devenant rouge foncé en automne. That’s if the plant gets enough sunlight. The very large leaves, less finely dissected than others, have a sturdier look. Il devient rouge vif en Kultivar 'Inaba Shidare' patří mezi střihanolisté javory (dissectum). Mezi nimi má tento kultivar největÅ¡í listy. Feuillage rouge au printemps, supportant le soleil. Acer palmatum dissectum known as inaba shidare produces ones of the darkest foliage colours. Acer Palmatum Dissectum Inaba Shidare Acer Palmatum Dissectum Inaba Shidare 10,50 € Tasse incluse Una sorprendente varietà di acer dissectum, fogliame rosso scuro tutt'estate , portamento piangente crescita vigorosa. Für gewöhnlich erreicht er mit seinem gedrungenen, überhängenden Wuchs eine Größe von 2 m bis 2,5 m und eine Breite von 2,5 m bis 3 m. Besonders auffallend sind die dunkelroten Blätter von Acer palmatum 'Inaba-shidare'. It is appreciated for maintaining the color, its wide and generous foliage turns into orange and yellow only in autumn before fall. Acer palmatum 'Inaba-shidare' (Japanese maple 'Inaba-shidare') will reach a height of 2.5m and a spread of 2.5m after 20-50 years. 1-2‘ light branching. Acer palmatum var. Many Der Fächerahorn 'Inaba-shidare' (Acer palmatum) ist ein sommergrüner Strauch. Zpočátku jsou hnědočervené, během léta mohou … Acer palmatum 'Inaba-shidare' is a small, deciduous ornamental Japanese Maple with dissected, purple feathery leaves that turn a brilliant scarlet-red in the autumn. Also known as ‘Inabe shidare.’ Dissectum. Acer palmatum dissectum Inaba shidare outstanding large deep purple/red leaves,vigorously growing all summer.crimson in autumn Plant in a 7cm pot about 12" tall at the moment. DIAMETRO VASO: 10cm ALTEZZA ALLA FORNITURA: 20/30cm Acer Palmatum Dissectum Firecracker - Japanski Javor Acer Palmatum Dissectum Firecracker je žbunasto drvo, sporijeg rasta.Može da dostigne 1,5m u visinu i 2m u Å¡irinu.Listovi su režnjeviti,reckasti kao i kod svih dissectuma , na proleće tamnije crveni a na jesen dobijaju jarko crvenu nijansu . il a des feuilles particulièrement grandes pour son genre. Sie sind tief geschlitzt. Inabashidare is a beautiful Red Laceleaf Japanese maple. Acer palmatum Dissectum Inaba Shidare is one of the best red foliaged Japanese Maples. Buy this red weeping Japanese maple tree online with confidence at our online Japanese maple store. Acer Palmatum Inaba-Shidare Acer Palmatum Group: Dissectum – Red This acer can be deciduous trees or large shrubs with paired, often palmately-lobed leaves and small flowers followed by characteristic winged fruits. Acer palmatum "Dissectum Inaba Shidare" (Acero) - 100/120 cm Aggiungi al carrello VIVAI LE GEORGICHE 61 € 00 Acer palmatum "Dissectum Stella Rossa" (Acero) [H. 50-60 cm.] Son feuillage est lacinié, rouge lumineux au printemps, puis pourpre-noir en été. It is a wonderful addition to the garden with its striking burgundy to almost black laceleaf. ACER DISSECTUM INABA SHIDARE Ornamental maple variety growing fast, it differs from the others for its darker foliage with dark red hues from regrowth. Because of its height, it is often used as a 'thriller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container The cascading habit of this tree looks particularly eye-catching on a slope and near a rock pool or ornamental Suggested uses Containers, Low Maintenance, Cottage/Informal, City, Architectural, Rock, Foliage Acer palmatum dissectum 'Inaba-Shidare' Isolé. Always popular and attractive. Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Tamuke Yama’ est proche d‘Inaba Shidare’ et ‘Garnet‘.Son nom vient du Mont Tamuke au Japon. Oltre 500 piante da frutto, medicinali e del benessere di nostra produzione. Acer Inaba Shidare is a lovely small garden tree with filigree-like purple foliage that forms an upright mound of colour. If shaded all red Japanese maples will turn green. Acer palmatum dissectum 'Viridis' (Acer palmatum dissectum) Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' (A. japonicum 'Aureum') Arbusto con foglie rosse porpora grandi, che divengono rosso cremisi in autunno. dissectum 'Inaba-shidare' Back to Previous Page Common Name: Japanese maple Type: Deciduous shrub Family: Sapindaceae Zone: 5 to … Son coloris est d’un rouge feu $ 39.99 $ 34.99 Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Inaba Shidare’ est très proche de ‘Garnet‘ et de ‘Tamuke Yama‘. Acer Dissectum Inaba Shidare Comportamento vegetativo Varietà a crescita media veloce tende a fare rami lunghi che facilmente sono potabili per poter mantenere la caratteristica forma ad ombrello richiesta per questa pianta. Find Bagged Weeping Japanese Maple Dissectum Inaba Shidare - Acer palmatum at Bunnings Warehouse. Acer palmatum 'Inaba shidare' is the weeping red Japanese maple for you. i always combine postage A beautiful addition to containers or an Compra online piante di Acero Dissectum Inaba Shidare. Inaba Shidare is very much red in the spring, turning darker purple as the season goes on. That’s if the plant gets enough sunlight. Suited to growing in part shade to full sun, it does suffer leaf burn as much as other varieties and does well in containers. This acer is a graft. A purchase of Inaba shidare Japanese maple is a true investment in your yard! Mature plants develop a dome-like form. La pianta di Acer palmatum “Dissectum Inaba Shidare” è un arbusto appartenente alla famiglia delle Aceraceae ed originario dell’estremo Oriente (Giappone, Corea, Taiwan e Cina), comunemente chiamato Acero Giapponese. Son feuillage finement découpé est rouge très foncé. In the autumn the feathery leaves of Acer Palmatum Inaba Shidare turn vivid scarlet red making it ideal for the focal Acer palmatum dissectum 'Inaba-Shidare' is a small, but vigorous deciduous Acer with arching, cascading branches covered with leaves of the most beautiful deep tone of purple-red, turning crimson in the Autumn Perfect for the Inaba Shidare Cutleaf Japanese Maple is a fine choice for the yard, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers.